Directed / Viper XpressStart 5X10 Digital Remote Start And Security System

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Directed / Viper XpressStart 5X10 Digital Remote Start And Security System Directed/Viper OEM upgrade security  Alarm Security System

Remote start your engine and set the alarm with your car's remote

Directed's XpressStart 5X10 Series module lets you start your vehicle remotely by pressing the lock button on the key three times. The 5X10 incorporates a digital interface that communicates directly with your vehicle's computer to bypass the normal security safeguards, so you can take control from a distance. You can pre-warm your car in the winter and pre-cool it in summer so it'll be just right when you get in. Once you install this module, you'll be able to start your car and arm/disarm the security system from as far away as your key will lock and unlock your doors.

Important Note: Because of safety concerns, we strongly recommend professional installation for remote start systems in vehicles with manual transmissions.

Security features include Starter Kill to prevent hot-wiring, a loud 6-tone siren that'll catch everyone's attention, a dual-shock sensor that warns first and then sets off the alarm, and a LED indicator that tells strangers there's a security system aboard. The valet switch lets someone park your car without setting off your system.

Increase the range with an optional remote system

If you need to start your car from a greater distance, Directed offers four extended-range options:

  • Viper 9656V RF Kit: 5-button 1-way remote with 1/2-mile range
  • Viper 9211V RF Kit: 1-button 2-way remote with 1/2-mile range
  • Viper 9856V RF Kit: 5-button 2-way LED remote with 1-mile range
  • Viper 9756V RF Kit: 5-button 2-way LCD remote with 1-mile range

Each kit comes with a spare 1-way remote, a control center module, and harness. In most cases you'll be able to add features like Silent Lock/Unlock, Car Finder, and Timer Start, as well as the ability to pop open the trunk or run the defogger remotely (relay may be required). The 5-button remotes have four auxiliary channels, so you can control other available functions like rear interior lighting and sliding doors in some vehicles.

Even farther with a SmartStart smartphone interface

The 5X10 works with all SmartStart modules, allowing you to start your car through your smartphone when you're in range, or to use the SmartStart service plan to remote start from any place in the world where you have cell phone service.

If you know how to use a multimeter and have experience working with your vehicle's electrical system, you should be able to install this remote start system yourself. If not, please consider having your system professionally installed by purchasing an InstallCard.

To ensure vehicle compatibility, please enter your vehicle information in OutfitMyCar. Your order will be reviewed by our Car Experts group, who will contact you if further information or recommended accessories are needed.

Crutchfield carries Vehicle Installation Harnesses for a wide variety of vehicles, which will allow for a much faster installation of this Directed XpressStart system.

Product Highlights:

  • remote start and security system
  • uses factory key to start vehicle and arm system remotely
  • remote start function is for fuel injected, diesel, and hybrid vehicles with automatic transmissions
  • manual transmission mode works with select vehicles
  • vehicle-specific harnesses simplify and speed installation
  • some vehicles may require the MC501 high current relay pack in order to enable remote starting
  • security features include:
    • Mini-Neo Revenger® 6-tone siren
    • Stinger DoubleGUARD® shock sensor
    • LED indicator/valet switch
    • hood pin switch
    • main and secondary wiring harnesses
  • works with optional Viper systems to increase range
    • Viper 9656V RF Kit 1-way remote system with 1/2 mile range
    • Viper 9211V RF Kit 2-way remote system with 1/2 mile range
    • Viper 9856V RF Kit 2-way LED remote system with 1 mile range
    • Viper 9756V RF Kit 2-way LCD remote system with 1 mile range
  • compatible with all SmartStart smartphone modules
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